Introductory Comp meetings will be held at 7pm this Thursday (9/11/2014) and Sunday (9/14/2014) at the WHRB studios, located in the Pennypacker Basement.

Harvard Radio Broadcasting (WHRB) is an entirely student-run commercial radio station which reaches tens thousands of listeners every month in the greater Boston area on 95.3FM and around the world at Whether your interests lie in the best of Classical Music, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Punk Rock, Electronica, Harvard Sports, Blues, or News, we have an excellent collection and tightly knit department of students interested in broadcasting that material. WHRB provides many opportunities for you to explore your interests and share them via broadcasting. Having your own radio show is a classic college experience, and at WHRB you'll have a strong degree of editorial control over a weekly show. We have large collections of CDs and LPs, including rare materials that cannot be found online. Exploring those collections will deepen your musical knowledge. Station members get to interview great bands and review albums in advance. Our sports reporters travel the country with Harvard sports teams to cover games live. Our news reporters regularly interview authors, professors, and public figures. We fund our commercial station through student sales and have students highly involved in the technical aspects of keeping an FM station on the air and streaming online. WHRB is a vibrant social community. Members spend a lot of time hanging around the studio, going to concerts, and attending WHRB social events.

The general comp is intended to give members the general skills and knowledge needed to work at a radio station. Former members of the station include Alex Ross, Music Critic of the New Yorker, Chris Wallace of Fox News, and David Mays, founder of The Source magazine.

There will be 6 general comp meetings throughout the course of the semester, and they will take place on Sundays at 7pm.

Departments you can comp:

  • Classical Music
  • Jazz
  • Hip-Hop
  • Underground Rock
  • News
  • Crimson Sports
  • Sales
  • Business
  • Studio Engineering
  • Technology
  • Promotions

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