A Celebration of Black Composers

From February 10 to February 14, WHRB's Classical Music Department celebrated Black History Month by programming music by black composers. In addition to the Afternoon Concerts listed below, we broadcasted pieces by William C. Banfield, Julius P. Williams, and other Boston-area composers.

Monday, February 10

Afternoon Concert:

Duke Ellington: Three Black Kings; Järvi, Detroit Symphony Orchestra (Detroit Symphony Orchestra)

Walker: Violin Sonata No. 2; Gr. Walker, Geo. Walker (Summit)

Coleridge-Taylor: Hiawatha Overture, Op. 30; Leaper, RTÉ Concert Orchestra (Marco Polo LP)

Burleigh: Three Pieces for Violin and Piano, Op. 21; Cárdenes, Manríquez (Ocean)

Burleigh: Valse Brillante, Op. 19, No. 3; Cárdenes, Manríquez (Ocean)

Baker: Cello Concerto; Freeman, Chicago Sinfonietta (Cedille LP)

Walker: Piano Sonata No. 2; Walker (CRI)

Coleridge-Taylor: Othello Suite, Op. 79; Leaper, RTÉ Concert Orchestra (Marco Polo LP)

Still: Three Visions for Piano; Hinderas (CRI)

Joplin: Treemonisha Overture; Houston Grand Opera Orchestra, Schuller, Gunther (DG LP)

Walker: Wind Set for Woodwind Quintet; New Jersey Chamber Music Society Quintet (Summit)

Price: Symphony No. 4; Fort Smith Symphony, Jeter (Naxos LP)

Viola Kinney: Mother's Sacrifice; Corley (Albany LP)

Bonds, Langston Hughs: Ballad of the Brown King; Bradford, The Dessoff Choirs, Jackson, Merriweather, Mitchell, Stewart (Avie Records LP)

Price: Piano Sonata in E minor; Corley (Albany LP)

Still: La Guiablesse; Jackson, Berlin Symphony Orchestra (Koch)

Joplin: Weeping Willow Rag; Loeb (Naxos LP)

Joplin: Peacherine Rag; Loeb (Naxos LP)

Joplin: The Cascades, a Rag; Loeb (Naxos LP)

Joplin: Magnetic Rag; Loeb (Naxos LP)

Joplin: Scott Joplin's New Rag; Loeb (Naxos LP)

Joplin: Rose Leaf Rag; Loeb (Naxos LP)

Joplin: Gladiolus Rag; Loeb (Naxos LP)

Tuesday, February 11

Afternoon Concert:

Walker: Orpheus for Chamber Orchestra ; Demsey, Moore, London, Cleveland Chamber Orchestra (Albany)

Still: Suite for Violin and Piano; Chang, Taylor (New World)

Coleridge-Taylor: Violin Concerto, Op. 80; Little, BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, Davis (Chandos LP)

Burleigh: 4 Small Concert Pieces, Op.21; Cárdenes, Manríquez (Ocean)

Walker: Da Camera; Lupu, Vamos, Sennet, Sinfonia da Camera, Hobson (Albany LP)

Price: The Deserted Garden; Grant, Schiff (4Tay Records LP)

Still: Ennanga, for Harp, Piano, and Strings; Pilot, V. Taylor, Chang, Forbes, G. Taylor, Churchill (New World)

Bonds, Langston Hughes: Songs of the Season (excerpts); O'Brien, Pierson, Toppin (Albany LP)

Price: Symphony No. 1; Fort Smith Symphony, Jeter (Naxos LP)

Walker: Piano Sonata No. 1 ; Hinderas (CRI)

Hailstork: Epitaph for a Man who Dreamed; Chicago Sinfonietta, Freeman (Cedille LP)

Joplin: Maple Leaf Rag; Peskanov (Naxos LP)

Joplin: Fig Leaf Rag; Peskanov (Naxos LP)

Still: Afro-American Symphony; Krueger, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (Bridge)

Coleridge-Taylor: 4 African Dances, Op. 58; Fadial, Harley (Centaur LP)

Kay: 6 Dances for String Orchestra; Westphalian Symphony Orchestra, Freeman (Voxbox LP)

White: La Bella Cubana; Cuarteto de Cuerdas Jose White (Quindecim Recordings LP)

Wednesday, February 12

Afternoon Concert:

Cordero: 8 Miniature; Chicago Sinfonietta, Freeman (Cedille LP)

Still: Songs of Separation; Honeysucker, Taylor (New World)

Hailstork: Symphony No. 1; Virginia Symphony Orchestra, Deas, Falletta (Naxos LP)

Chauvin: Heliotrope Bouquet; Peskanov (Naxos LP)

Still: Danzas de Panama; Jackson, Berlin Symphony Orchestra (Koch)

Turpin: The Pan-Am Rag; Fontaine (Aparte LP)

White: Violin Concerto in F-sharp; Barton, Hege, Encore Chamber Orchestra (Cedille)

Cochran: Soul-Bird; Eley, DeSa (Dorian Sono Luminus LP)

Walker: Lilacs for Voice and Orchestra; Robinson, Russell, Arizona State University Symphony Orchestra (Summit)

Joplin: The Entertainer: A Ragtime Two-Step; Peskanov (Naxos LP)

Joplin: Bethena: A Concert Waltz; Peskanov (Naxos LP)

Akpabot: 3 Nigerian Dances; South African Broadcasting Corporation National Symphony, Cock (Marco Polo LP)

Walker: String Quartet No. 2; El Paso Festival Quartet (Summit)

Walker: Piano Concerto ; Sennet, Sinfonia Varsovia, Hobson (Albany LP)

León: A la Par for Piano and Percussion; V. Lamb, C. Lamb (CRI)

Saint-Georges: Violin Concerto in A, Op. 5, No. 2; Barton, Hege, Encore Chamber Orchestra (Cedille)

Coleridge-Taylor: Piano Trio in E minor; Trio Anima Mundi (Divine Art LP)

Garcia: Requiem Mass; Davis, Allen, Brown, Tuloisela, Morgan State College Choir, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, Freeman (Sony LP)

Saint-Georges: String Quartets, Op. 1, Nos. 3-6; Jean-Nöel Molard String Quartet (Arion Music LP)

Thursday, February 13

Afternoon Concert:

León: Batéy for Vocal Ensemble and Percussion; León, Western Wind Vocal Ensemble, Puntilla, New Generation, Ponce, Charlston, Passaro (CRI)

Still: Seven Traceries; Boozer (Naxos LP)

Coleridge-Taylor: Romance for Violin and Orchestra in G; Barton, Hege, Encore Chamber Orchestra (Cedille)

Saint-Georges: String Quartet in C Major, Op. 1 No. 1; Jean-Nöel Molard String Quartet (Arion Music LP)

Saint-Georges: Sinfonia Concertante for Two Violins and Orchestra in G, Op. 13; Fernandez, Carles, Paillard, Paillard Chamber Orchestra (MHS LP)

Wilson: Akwan; Bunger, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Freeman (Sony LP)

Coleridge-Taylor: Clarinet Quintet in F-sharp minor, Op. 10; Hampl, Quartetto di Roma (Naxos LP)

Meude-Monpas: Violin Concerto No. 4 in D; Barton, Hege, Encore Chamber Orchestra (Cedille)

Price: Dances in the Canebreaks; Waites (Cambria LP)

Kay: Markings; London Symphony Orchestra, Freeman (Sony LP)

Still: Romance for Alto Saxophone and Piano; Perconti, March (Centaur)

Coleridge-Taylor: Hiawatha's Wedding Feast; Lewis, Sargent, Royal Choral Society, Philharmonia Orchestra (Arabesque LP)

Cordero: Rapsodia Panamena; Barton Pine (Cedille LP)

Walker: Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra; Wicks, Freeman, London Symphony Orchestra (Columbia LP)

León: Pueblo Mulato, for soprano and ensemble; DuPuy, Rives-Jones, ensemble (CRI)

Coleridge-Taylor: Nonet in F minor, Op. 2; Burke, Barret, Beck, Burns, Fadial, Orenstein, Rawls, Whitehouse, Harley (Centaur LP)

Hailstork: Symphony No. 3; Grand Rapids Symphony, Lockington (Naxos LP)

Friday, February 14

Afternoon Concert:

Price: Piano Concerto in D minor; Walwyn, New Black Music Repetoiry Ensemble, Dunner (Albany LP)

Saint-Georges: Keyboard Sonata No. 3 in G Major with Obbligato Violin; Haudebourg, Kantorow (Arion Music LP)

Singleton: Shadows; Shaw, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (Nonesuch)

León: Rituál for Piano; Leske (CRI)

Garcia: Songs for Nobody; Shaw, Bartlett, Butcher, Pearse, Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble (New Focus Recordings LP)

Wilson: Piano Piece, for piano and electronic sound; Hinderas (CRI)

Walker: Poème for Violin and Orchestra; Gr. Walker, London, Cleveland Chamber Orchestra (Albany)

Alston: 3 Rhapsodies; Varani (Albany LP)

Davis: Notes from the Underground; Järvi, Detroit Symphony Orchestra (Detroit Symphony Orchestra)

Walker: String Quartet No. 1, "Lyric"; Son Sonora String Quartet (Albany LP)

Wilson: Sinfonia; Ozawa, Boston Symphony Orchestra (New World)

Hailstork: Piano Sonata No. 1; Walwyn (Albany LP)

Smith: Ritual and Incantations; Freeman, Detroit Symphony Orchestra (Columbia LP)

Dett: In the Bottoms, Characteristic Suite for Piano; Hinderas (CRI)

Price: Violin Concerto No. 1 in D major; Kahng, Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra, Cockerham (Albany LP)

Work: Scuppernong, for piano; Hinderas (CRI)

Dett: Motets and partsongs (excerpts); D'Cunha, Jordan, Garrison, Adamson, Nathaniel Dett Chorale, Blyden-Taylor (Marquis Classics LP)

Hakim: Sound-gone, for piano; Hinderas (CRI)

Coleridge-Taylor: Ballade in A minor, Op. 33; Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Llewellyn (Decca LP)