Car Seat Headrest Concert Review

Last Thursday night, Boston’s Royale had the honor of hosting the first concert of Car Seat Headrest’s North American tour. The announce of the tour coincided with their rerelease of their 2011 studio album Twin Fantasy. The album first brought CSH their cult-like following, and their Thursday concert proved that, eight years later, the following is still alive and well. For the whole month of February, the group will be touring across the U.S., with guest appearances along the way by Interpol and Snail Mail.

Their latest album, a reinvented Twin Fantasy, showcases the artistic development of the group from 2011 until now. Maintaining the quintessential low-fi indie pop sound, the re-recorded album adds a new sound depth, as well as an additional layer of meaning. It seems that the group is remembering the past, realizing that so many struggles still exist, and choosing to rethink those tensions (both musical and existential) within a mental framework that now has 7 more years of experience and experiment. In a self-reflective and personal tone, the album remains accessible to his audience– and even more so that this newly recorded version allows fans to trace that development alongside CSH.

Musically, Twin Fantasy sticks with the DIY indie beat that has defined Car Seat Headrest from the start. Throughout the career, the lo-fi noise has transformed a bit, but their latest remake is only a testament to the introspective indie rock/ pop sound that has been a part of their identity since 2010. And although the album certainly tracks lead singer and songwriter Will Toledo’s musical development, seven years later Twin Fantasy’s teen angst is just as potent.

A dedication to introspective, DIY indie rock is what has allowed Car Seat Headrest to maintain their following throughout an impressive career, and their reimagining of Twin Fantasy is only a testament to a reliable sound and the fans who are loyal to it.

Maya Levine is a DJ for the Record Hospital. The Record Hospital airs Monday-Friday nights from 10:00PM to 5:00AM. Photos by Marie Ungar.