Gouda Talks: Weird and Wonky Food Drawings with Vance Lump


"If I can look at a drawing and I can have a little smirk on my face because it’s kind of a funny little thing then I feel like I’ve done something good."

I’ve been consuming food articles (and yes, pun intended) for the past year. I’ve scoured articles about the plastic straws debate, the #MeToo Movement in the restaurant industry, and even the new Netflix hit Salt, Fat Acid, and Heat by chef and author Samin Nosrat. One thing has remained the same; I’ve constantly been enamored by beautiful illustrations and art accompanying each of the articles I’ve read. Some illustrations include a mixed media approach with photography and digital art. Others illustrations show off a colorful blend of pastels and wavy brush strokes. Throughout my process, I was particularly drawn to illustrator and comic Vance Lump, whose works constantly show up in food news sites and publications such as Eater and Taste. With his quirky illustrations, vibrant colors, and amazing attention to detail, I definitely wanted to learn more. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Vance about his unique drawing style, his previous experience living on a farm, and his process for creating food illustrations.

Jess Eng is a reporter for WHRB News and the host of Gouda Talks—listen to previous previous episodes here and here! Tune in to "As We Know It" on Sunday at 12:30 for more stories like this one.