Ilana Katz Katz Live Performance

Ilana Katz Katz treated the Blues Hangover to a live performance on October 18, 2015. Several of the songs included in this set are rarely included in her typical concert sets. Catch more Ilana Katz Katz on her website:, look her up on Spotify, or go to her Facebook page.

Set list:

1. Baby, Please Don't Go (traditional)

2. Marlyn's Blues (ilana katz katz)

3. Sweet to Mama (cover of state street boys song)

4. You Crush My Soul (ilana katz katz)

5. Runnin' in Peace (ilana katz katz)

6. Reuben's Train (traditional)

7. Cruel Willie Blues (traditional)

8. Piney Ridge (traditional)

9. Forevermore (ilana katz katz)

10. John Brown's Dream (traditional)