An Interview with Tony Pec


Published author and motivator Tony Pec joins WHRB to discuss his tricks of the trade, as well as his new startup, Ignite.

On the importance on networking:

If you don't have talent or you don't think you could do something, networking makes up for any lack of skill or talent you have, because anyone can network. It's not about knowing a special way to network. It's just about building and developing deep personal relationships. But the only way to do that is to be genuine. So a lot of people think networking you need to have this whole idea and this plan and how to go about it. There's nothing special to networking. It's just about being yourself and genuinely trying to connect with people.

On the importance of pivoting:

I think pivoting is extremely important. It's tied together with perseverance and I think a lot of people when they fail, they have a hard time getting back on the horse and just constantly going after what they want again, because, you know, they get a little sidetracked, they get upset. But most people need to realize that when you do fail at something, you need to just pivot. It's not a failure, it's a lesson learned and you keep going to the next opportunity that presents itself.

On starting Ignite, his new company:

Ignite is a motivational and self development a text messaging service and what you get is a daily motivational quote along with two articles a week, two video a week, and two book recommendations a month based on the categories you select... And the whole reason I started it was over the last three years, been heavy, heavy in the self development game and what I do is every day I try to ingest a small piece of content, whether it's a video or an article and it may not sound like a lot, but over years of time it compounds to massive results. But it was all fueled by motivation tied into the knowledge you get, because without the motivation you're not going to take more action.