The Kind, The Funny, and Bizarre of WHRB Listener Phone Calls

During WHRB’s 77 years, we’ve received quite a few interesting phone calls from our listeners. The most interesting of these phone calls—whether kind, confusing, or just plain funny—are recorded in the station’s Comment Book, for members past, present, and future to enjoy. This allows every member of the station to enjoy feedback from our listeners, even if they usually man the 1 AM to 6 AM shifts.

_me: Good Afternoon, WHRB.
he: [pause]...Oh! I must have the wrong number. [864-9950] [pause] What are you playing now, anyway?
__me: Bach’s Cello Suite BWV1007, transcribe for lute.
he: When’s you next jazz program?
__me: Just a minute let me check the Orgy Schedule.
_he: That’s OK, I’ve got a copy right her__e. Goodbye.

We love connecting listeners to music they might not usually hear. And, the curated playlists by our hosts help connect listeners to the best of each genre. The current song playing can always be found at

A caller provided as how he had listened to the entire 48 hrs. of Bachs and s__aid: “It was a great experience, almost a religious one. How great it was to hear the major works such as the B minor Mass along with lighter ones, and all those unusual members of the Bach Family.” He went on and on with his praise (and then, presumably, to bed).

While WHRB cannot strictly encourage staying awake for 48 uninterrupted hours, we certainly do appreciate the enthusiasm.

“This is the band I’ve been looking for all my life.” Ah_-_a life with a purpose... / Tom Dworts listener

Record Hospital prides itself on playing curated, under-appreciated rock music. Tune in from 10 PM to 5 AM, and maybe you’ll find the band you’ve been looking for all your life.

Excellent compliments. A caller called our orgy period “Like nothing else in the world” & “Unique” – And described our programming as “Fantastic”. He is a doctor and makes all his patients listen to us. Yes!

WHRB’s Orgies are a source of station pride and apparently some doctors as well.

_10:10 pm. The phone rings
__me: WHRB etc...
_person: Yes, _I’m calling from Sanders Theater.
_me: (thinking) OH NO WAY! THERE ARE NO LEVELS ANYWHERE! PISS OFF! _person:... and I was wondering if I could bum a Diet Coke from you guys?
_me: (with a smug smile) well-okay. I suppose. This once.

This particular call came in just after WHRB had moved into the basement of Annenberg, located near Sanders Theater. Finding a volume level that both allowed WHRB to broadcast and allowed performances at Sanders Theater to go on uninterrupted was a bit of a struggle. However, the new location did have its perks—the station had a Diet Coke vending machine for a number of years.

Kimberly Thomas is a Staff Writer for WHRB.