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'it's literally all shoegaze lmao'

Yarr! Your two favorite DJs are back from plundering the depths of Spotify and the ‘post rock’ tag on Bandcamp with more loot for your listening pleasure.

In the spirit of uncertainty and honesty, I’ve decided to bring you a collection of little quiet gems that I found in various nooks and crannys of the internet. It’s a whole week of quaint bedroom love songs, aching sadboi guitar rock, and various other self-produced beauty. Expensive condenser microphones and preamps are overrated anyway, it’s the documentation that it happened that counts. -Luke

1. Monica 'Once Again, He Turned Back'

A super duper new outfit from Lafayette, Louisiana, they just released an EP on Deep Sea Records that’s just the right amount of warm and fuzzy, carrying the comfortable ambiance of a bedroom pop release, but also somehow tucking a full kit and yelled vocals under the covers with you.

<a href="<a href="">Staircase" class="redactor-linkify-object"></a> Demos by Monika</a>

2. Hunter Gatherer 'Astride Wooden Corridors' (excerpt from Logwalker)

An instrumental duo from Ontario with a special interest in forests and a mystical sonic palate, their wanderings have a lightness that just sounds like some bright leafy green forest up in Canada.

<a href="">Premonition 2017 by Hunter Gatherer</a>

3. Jupiter Sprites 'Crystal Gardens'

With a glorious choice in arpeggiators, Jupiter Sprites sings in a mesmerizing unison on Crystal Gardens, the first track off of their EP,gummyblossom. The duo hails from the Pacific Northwest, Olympia specifically, and carries some of the rainy, overcast atmosphere into their compositions.

<a href="<a href="">gummyblossom" class="redactor-linkify-object"></a> EP by Jupiter Sprites</a>

4. noth amp 'Stereo Out'

A hazy Helsinki solo project that drones through progressions at just the right speed. Couldn’t find a ton of info on the artist themselves, but the cover art is a statement of its own, I think.

<a href="">EP by noth amp</a>

5. Doused 'Roses'

Doused captures a faraway feeling on their 4 song Fixed on Innocence. A faded voice sits on the other side of a waterfall of guitars and ride cymbals, speaking in a language that isn’t comprehensible but also doesn’t need to be. Their high-end-dominated compositions float behind the eyelids, reminiscent of shoegazers past, present, and future.

<a href="<a href="">Fixed" class="redactor-linkify-object"></a> On Innocence by doused</a>

6. Slowcoaching 'Pillars of Salt'

Slowcoaching is the Solo Project of Dean Valentino, a charismatic songwriter and frontman whose 6 song EP, All the Same showcases his talents for piecing together catchy and meaningful pop songs. Sweet and worthwhile all the way through.



Hypothetical Situation: Fear of (being shot off into / swimming in the soup of) space

Hypothetical Step 1: Exposure therapy in all pertinent territories

-Dr/Commiserator L

1. Extraterrestrial Area Code Phone Sex - The Rah Band 'Messages from the Stars'

2. Silk Road Blastoff - Kza 'Le Troublant Acid'

3. Space Junk Comedown - Not Waving 'Believe'

4. Ant colony in my Space Suit - DJ NinOo 'Saudades do Russel'

5. Twinkling Urban Christmas Lights - UNKNOWN ME 'Awa (Buenos Aires)'

6. The Real Space Jam - Eso 'Turinn'

7. He reminds me of you, oh Natural Wind - Martin Glass 'Okinawa Fantasia'

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