Alone in a Crowd at Oliver Tree’s Alone in a Crowd Tour

// I had the chance to interview Oliver before his show. The recording of our conversation is above.

// Image courtesy of John Hutchings

As the lights dimmed and the crowd's anticipation reached its peak, I was alone in the crowd, ready to experience a one-of-a-kind show. Then, the unexpected began to unfold. Instead of the typical pre-show playlist, the audience found themselves immersed in a series of videos. However, these weren't just any videos; they were Oliver Tree’s signature “meta”-experience, with Oliver watching Oliver watching Oliver. True to his reputation for eccentricity, Oliver kept a promise from our interview, pulling a prank on the unsuspecting crowd. Claiming he wouldn't perform and that there would be no refunds, the audience began to boo him.

Oliver’s theatrical approach continued with costume changes corresponding to each of his album “eras." As he transformed into different characters, an introduction to each persona played on the screen. My favorite of these characters is the cowboy, Shawney Bravo, dressed in denim from head to toe with a long, blond mullet.

Continuing his shenanigans, Oliver even fought with his own crew once the show was over, ending with him being dramatically dragged off the stage. It was a moment that perfectly encapsulated the unpredictable nature of an Oliver Tree performance.

Toward the end, Oliver took a moment to express his gratitude, dedicating an impressive seven minutes of credits to acknowledge everyone involved in the production. The concert also featured a spotlight on local talent, with Oliver introducing his band, all hailing from the Boston and North Shore areas.

In the end, an Oliver Tree concert proved to be more than just a musical experience, just as he had promised. It was so exciting to see my favorite songs (shoutout to the album Cowboy Tears) performed live and hearing new ones. This concert was a journey into the eccentric and theatrical mind of an artist determined to continue disrupting the music industry.

// Nena King ’25 is a guest writer for The Darker Side.