RH Roundup 1/31/21-2/4/21

RH Roundup 1/31/21–2/4/21

Editor’s Note: The RH Roundup is a new recurring feature we’re starting this semester, where members of the department highlight some tracks they played on their shows that stood out to them. We’re launching this as a way to better showcase music outside of our air hours and to show the different tastes of the department. Roundups will cover the tracks played in Monday-Friday of the prior week.

Saul / ghoul: Mondays 11 PM - 12 AM

cumgirl8 – “I Wanna Be” from RIPcumgirl8

Listen to I Wanna Be by cumgirl8. You won’t regret it. All the way through.

Ezra / mossy: Tuesdays 10-11 PM

Gustaf – "Best Behavior" from Audio Drag For Ego Slobs

A fun tune with a distinct voice and rhythm, this song will have you on your best behavior.

Yidcore – "Why Won't Adam Sandler Let Us Do His Song?" from 8th Day Slice/Fiddlin' on Ya Roof"

This upbeat tune is one of the original tracks off "8th Day Slice/Fiddlin' on Ya Roof", an album consisting partially of punk covers of songs from "Fiddler on the Roof". Deeply enjoyable; never gets old.

Brandon / xfile: Wednesday 2-3 AM

Skate Stance – "The Middle" Single

Really enoyed "The Middle" by Skate Stance, it's the sort of song you listen to while you're on a Greyhound bus watching the trees go by, the sort of song that feels like an adventure in itself. Great guitar, great synth, and overall a great soundtrack to anything that gets you out of your comfort zone.

Evelyn / evil*: Thursday 2-3 AM

Floral – "Climbing a Rock" from Floral EP

This is a bright, indie math rock track. With intricate guitar riffs that build off of each other at increasing speeds, the track is fun, energetic, and keeps the listener on their toes.

Luca “Lux” / <3333: Thursday 10-11 PM

Julia Holter – “Vasquez” from Have You In My Wilderness

This song is a hidden gem on experimental artist Julia Holter's wonderful album Have You In My Wilderness. Her heady, atmospheric orchestral style really shines on this one.

Ryan / ovid: Friday 2-3 AM

The Gamma Men – “Crazy” from Less is More

Energetic garage rock that’s short and punchy. I always appreciate songs that find one killer riff and just run with it for the whole song. The album’s songs all kinda blend together, but I’d say they’re all still solid. This one just had a really good ending solo.

Mass Movement Of The Moth ‎– “Crimps and Ties” from Outerspace

Hardcore, but with a synthier edge that accentuates the crunchy riffs. The screaming is also intense without being overbearing. The kickoff of the frenetic closing half is what landed it on this list for me.

Jason Kahn / Günter Müller ‎– “Fifth Blink” from Blinks

“Unnerving background noise” is probably the best way to describe this, and I mean that in the best way. Low mechanical background hums, constant small bloops, static-ey jitters all combine for a very simple but unsettling atmosphere. Picture being on a tight spaceship or working in a dark lab late at night. Even the occasional longer beeps feel almost like jumpscares.

The Multiple Cat ‎– “David / Theme for S” from Intricate Maps

These both flow into each other and basically function as one track. Regardless, this was my favorite of the night. It’s mainly guitar arp over the background with an airy synth lead and almost march-like drumbeat, and maybe it sounds a bit too much like U2, but it still works at sounding soaring even though the production is pretty sparse. “Theme for S” is the better part, a drifting, sad instrumental with low hums, a water-like trickle in the background, and a lot of faint instruments joining in that all add up to a nice atmospheric aside, even with its distorted ending.