Sean Goode and Choose 180's Transformation Through Choice


Photo: Choose 180

“If we were to say some of these apples are good, and some of these apples are bad, that’s very much the truth but if the tree is planted in a place that doesn’t allow it to be fruitful for all, then we should uproot the thing and plant something new that allows us to eat with equity.”

Last week, I spoke with Sean Goode, the director of Choose 180, a community-based organization in Seattle that provides a restorative alternative to the criminal legal system and empowers young people to realize their potential. Sean and I discuss:

  • the difference between solving problems and creating possibilities,
  • the value of collaborating with system partners to achieve transformative change,
  • the importance of organizations reflecting the communities they serve,
  • and the reasons why restorative justice is more equitable, empathetic, and effective than the predominant retributive system.

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