Single-Issue Politicians, Gerrymandering, and Democrats: An Interview with Van Jones


On this episode of ZUCKER, political commentator Van Jones joins host Andrew Zucker to discuss the latest in politics. They talk about Hillary Clinton's campaign, single-issue politicians, and the Supreme Court’s gerrymandering case.

On what Democrats have to do in 2020:

Democrats have to do two things better next time. We have to get our own base more enthusiastic and we have to get a few more of the people who jumped the fence the wrong way to jump back this way. You do that, you're fine. But the places where we have to do that are the industrial heartland, and there's a lot of pain there, a lot of wounded pride there on the part of a lot of white workers. And if we don't have a message for them, we can't be mad when somebody else does.

On Donald Trump’s rhetoric:

People thought that because Donald Trump had mean tweets and said horrific stuff that he was somehow unacceptable to America. I'm like, have you ever been to America? Have you ever been to Denny’s? Waffle House? Have you ever watched television? I mean people say horrible stuff in America all the time....That’s not going to stop anybody from voting for him. The villain in reality tv is always the star. People say outrageous stuff on Twitter, they don't get fewer followers, they get more followers.

On where Justice Kennedy will land on gerrymandering:

I think that he will be on the side of those who don't want the politicians picking the voters, who want the voters picking the politicians.