Starvation Amidst Plenty: An Interview with Professor Sugata Bose About the 1943 Bengal Famine


Harvard’s Task Force of Asian American Progressive Advocacy and Studies (@harvardtapas) invites academics and activists to discuss global affairs, particularly as they pertain to Asian and Progressive issues. Today at 12 p.m., we are airing their new podcast. In the first episode, TAPAS interviews Professor Sugata Bose on what the man-made famines of the 1940s in China, Vietnam, and India can teach us about the history of imperialism and global affairs today. Dr. Bose is a historian of South Asian and Indian Ocean history and is Gardiner Chair of Oceanic History and Affairs at Harvard University. He also served as a Member of India’s Parliament from 2014 to 2019. In this episode, he discusses his groundbreaking work on famines as man-made, rather than natural, phenomena. This conversation was hosted by Raj Gambhir and Annelisa Kingsbury Lee and questions came from members of TAPAS.