​SXSW Photo Gallery: Oshun, House of Kenzo, Baywaves and more!


4 young Spaniards ride the surf-rock wave with perfect form—Baywaves’ seasoned sound is driven by a charismatic bassist, new changes, and strong ears for tone. Up-and-coming boys with a finger on the pulse.


Lyrical indie-rock from San Antonio’s own Elena Lopez. Backed up by a talented cast of players, Elnuh is the sound of the house party your cool friend invited you to.

Bad Gyal

Her signature autotune cutting through the mix, Bad Gyal rapped, sang, and danced through her newest collection of future club bangers.


Prylene’s live set provided a three-piece setup featuring a tongue-in-cheek opening mix, Amelie’s live vocals, and a Rockband MIDI guitar.

House of Kenzo

The South Texas legends brought the whole show for a crowd of fervent supporters who they told to “earn that BitchCoin!” The experimental vogue collective delivered their dips, compositions, and mantras at the North Door.

B. Ames

The legendary Houston producer, DJ, and drag queen played a sharp mix of remixes, originals, and ballroom classics. Her entourage included Lexús Chandeliér and Tamar Noel-Paris, each giving energetic on- and off-stage performances.


A Nigerian singer with a jazzy, beautifully-uniformed house band brought playful, powerful vibes to Parish upstairs.


Oshun, a Brooklyn based trio and some of the brightest souls/stars we’ve gotten to see so far, played a refreshing, danceable set to a late night crowd who came ready to listen.

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