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The Darker Side

Ma WHRB's Artists & Party People to…

Ma WHRB's Artists & Party People to Watch for SXSW 2019 Day T-3. {Honestly today's picks are so good we've got you set for this weekend to be the one that makes you the go-to "whatcha listenin' to" dude of the year. Also get ready to be that "why you cryin'?" gal cuz everytime you show up and pop your headphones out there's be tears that have inevitably popped out of unsuspecting eye ducts as well.}



ChiRap - Interviews With Chicago Artists: Dally…

ChiRap - Interviews With Chicago Artists: Dally Auston, Taylor Bennett, Supa Bwe, Brian Fresco, Malcolm London, Saint Millie, Sicko Mobb, DJ Oreo, Vic Spencer, Kembe X. Compilation of 10 Interviews of big time Chicago rappers talking about their city, craft, and life. We hear everything from hilarious stories about getting high all the way to heartbreaking stories of growing up in a city that ignores more than half it's population. Chicago is the center of rap music right now and these people give us a unique look from the inside.