Our DJs


Allison doesn’t actually play the mandolin even though she’s holding one in the picture, but she does play the violin! She’s a sophomore studying anthropology and biology and she’s passionate about education, bananas, coffee, the color green, storytelling, and WHRB. This semester you can hear her on-air features on Sunday afternoons: 3-4pm for Beyond the Stage, 4-5pm for Composers on Composers, and 5-6pm for Classical Conversations, or you can find her writing on the whrb website!


I’m Amy.

I play viola and piano.

I’m WHRB's co-webmaster.

I’m a sophomore in Mather studying computer science.

I’m passionate about education and closing the gender gap in STEM.

I enjoy Chopin’s music but let’s be real all romantic era classical music is A++.



I'm Claire, I'm a sophomore from the UK living in Leverett House. I study history and economics, and am especially interested in the social legacy of the british empire. I play the double bass and the saxophone. I really love late romantic string music, 20th century english composers, shostakovich and WHRB!!


Colton is a junior. He’s co-director of the classical music department and we all love him! He also likes to sing and conduct, and he hosts New Releases, which you can listen to on Wednesday evenings, 8-10pm.


I'm Elizabeth, a junior living in Mather House (the best house!) and concentrating in computer science. I've been a WHRBie since freshman year and am WHRB's PSA director! I play the harp in the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra and am part of Harvard/NEC. My favorite composer is Scriabin, and my favorite note is G. I love bubble tea and dark chocolate (although probably would not consume them at the same time), and the two scoops of protein that I get in my poké burritos are spicy salmon x2.


Ethan’s a sophomore lookin to keep the whrb classical music audience coming back for more. He broadcasts his Poulenc feature program Tuesday’s 7-8.


Joyce (/juice) is a sophomore in Kirkland House studying Statistics. She loves being part of both the Classical and News departments here at WHRB, and when she's not at WHRB, she's probably taking a power nap. Her favorite things include citrus fruits, driving exclusively above the speed limit, and tormenting her older sister (as seen in this picture).


I'm a sophomore living in Pforzheimer House studying Government and Social Anthropology. Outside of WHRB I do a lot of writing and design work for publications on campus. I've played the clarinet for almost 10 years and it will always be my favorite classical instrument. During the Fall semester I'll have a show on the evolution of double concertos every Monday from 6 to 7. I'll also be on the air every Friday from 3:30 to 5:00 for our Afternoon Concerts!


I’m a junior at Harvard studying physics and computer science and have been a part of WHRB Classical for over two years. A pianist and composer, I'm extremely passionate about classical music, but I also enjoy jazz and hip hop. You can hear my features from 6 to 8 PM on Thursdays!


He’s a junior from Oklahoma studying government passionate about politics, human rights, and youth civic engagement. He joined Harvard Radio as a freshman. He served as one of the Classical Music Directors in the past and continues to stay involved with the station by writing for our website. He doesn’t like Brahms (we don’t understand why), but he does loves Tchaikovsky.


“Party like it’s 1791 and you’re dying from a fever.”


Simon a junior in Mather and he is the co-director of the classical music department. Fun fact: he plays the French horn! So naturally, he loves wind music. He’s studying social anthropology.


I am a sophomore (class of 2021) living in Lowell House. I was born in Baltimore but moved to Durban, South Africa when I was eleven years old. At Harvard, I am probably studying social studies, maybe sociology, but haven't yet decided. In addition to classical music, I love lo-fi hip hop beats and alternative/indie music. I play the trombone and ukulele, and have a (possibly harmful) coffee addiction.


Hi, I'm Yooree! I'm a junior in Leverett, studying chemistry and physics. I co-host SNATO, the weekly opera program, and am also the sales director for the station. Passions outside of classical music include: oat milk, optical electrophysiology research, jellybeans, and Kanye West.