Our DJs


Steven Portillo

Brenda Ceja

Hello world! I am a junior at Harvard studying Folk&Myth with a secondary in Ethnicity, Migration, Rights. More importantly, I am also the new Co-Director of TDS! I love vinyl records, Prince, concerts, and roller skating. You can catch me digging through the $1 bin at a record store or hanging in the TDS and Jazz lounges. Funk on!


Abby Golden

lvndr (abby) is a sophomore from mass studying haa and psych. she loves harry styles, frank ocean, sza, j.cole, phoebe bridgers, and kanye west. she is super psyched for her first semester as an active member in whrb, and is sooooo hype about the return to live air and live music (fingers crossed)!

Alannah Hill

hi! my name is alna? (fake name alannah) and i' m a junior living in kirkland house from chicago!

Alex Wright

I’m a phil and/or social studies concentrator in Winthrop, originally from London, who loves good music, bad puns, big dogs and extremely ill advised adventures.

Andrew Nickerson

Andrew Nickerson is a Cali Boy turned Cambridge Man. Known to some as Handy Andy, If you dare ask him his favorite song (it’s a “loaded question”) he might tell you “See You Again'' by Tyler or “Streetcar” by Daniel Caesar. Andrew likes long walks on the beach but he’s since forsaken the Bay Area shores for glorious Revere, and true to his Silicon Valley roots he’s considering a major in applied math and/or computer science. He’s fond of volleyball, every part of a slice of pizza except the tip, and nurturing campus’s favorite bromance with his friend John. Good humored, good looking and full of good will be sure to check out Handy Andy on Spotify atnick484.

Andrew Shen

Angela Dela Cruz

Hi guys! I'm a sophomore living in Adams House, concentrating in SCRB with a potential secondary in psychology, government, or AFVS (its giving ✨indecisive✨). I love learning new instruments/languages and curating Spotify playlists as a form of procrastination <3 I also love photography and am on the Multi board for the Harvard Crimson, so you might find me frequenting the Harvard sidelines this year!

Anna O'Neil

I'm Anna from the UK - favourite radio show other than this one is BBC Radio 1 !

Anya Henry

Hi, I'm Anya and I'm a sophomore in Lowell house. My favorite artists are Bruno Mars, Amine, and Mac Miller :D

Ayana Yaegashi

Ben Fisher

Brayden Orpello-McCoy

hi! my name is Brayden, and I am a current college student studying economics and architecture. music is a huge passion of mine, both in listening and performing it, and whrb is the perfect combo of both. when I am not studying or performing, I am an avid LEGO custom builder (and have a city that is just around 65 square feet big) and enjoy spending time with all kinds of friends -- human, animal, and plant.

Bridget O'Kelly

Bridget is a junior from California's Bay Area studying Human Evolutionary Biology at the college. She joined TDS because she loves any song with a good beat, no matter the genre she can get down to it. Bridget hopes that whatever song she plays on air gets you at least bopping your head because if not, then she's done her job wrong.

Busola Banjoh

Hey! My real name is Lünar and my fake name is Busola (boo/saw/la). I am a senior at Harvard and I enjoy sharing music with others :)

Caleb Lee

Caleb is a sophomore in Adams studying AFVS. His favorite pastime is lying down and not doing anything, but he also loves watching movies, writing, and walking around new places.

Calla Bai

I’m from Connecticut and love good eats, listens, and views.

Cayla McFarlane

My name is Cayla McFarlane and I am a sophomore from Los Angeles, CA. I play on the Women's Varsity Soccer team and I love to sing and, of course, listen to music!

Chris Thorn

Hardtekk, Turbofolk, Techno, UK Drill and Hyperpop Enjoyer

Danny Solomon

From Long Island. On the fencing team. Biomedical engineering concentrator. Music lover.

Dash Chin

Hello, my name is Dash and I enjoy music and pasta.

David Shaw

Hi! I'm a sophomore in Currier House studying Economics. I love Jacob Collier, Stevie Wonder, and Judith Hill. Also a Jazz DJ.

Diana Meza

Divya Navani

chi-t (Divya Navani) is a sophomore from Key West, FL studying film production. When she's not DJ-ing or making movies for class, she's jamming out at concerts, walking the entirety of the Greater Boston area, playing with puppies at the Quad, and hanging out with her friends.

Elena Vietri

\flenu is a junior at the college who's super into the history of rap, hip hop, and r&b! Her favorite artists fall in the female r&b and soul categories, but she loves everything from Frank Ocean to Frank Sinatra. She's also involved in studio engineering and helps out with a lot of WHRB's pre-produced audio, so hit her up for any questions!

Fechi Inyama

Hi! My name is Fechi Inyama and I’m a sophomore at Harvard College studying Integrative Biology. At WHRB, I’m a DJ for The Darker Side! My favorite artists are Leon Bridges, Berhana, and Frank Ocean, and I love alternative R&B and Neo-soul music, so expect to hear a lot of that during my hours!

Francesca Barr

Geena Kim

Hi, I like rollerblading and cats. Hit me up to talk about it.

Gilberto Sepulveda Rabago

Hey everyone! My name is Gilberto, but I go by Gibby so feel free to call me that :) I'm a sophomore in Eliot house and I plan on concentrating in astrophysics with a secondary in philosophy although i'm still a bit unsure about my concentration. I'm originally from Mexico but I grew up in Bakersfield, CA. I'm also in RH and SE. WHRB has been my favorite activity at Harvard so far and I can't wait to get back into it and meet new friends here!

Griffin Andres

just a kid from Cambridge

Hannah Shin

junior in cabot house. enjoy discovering new music and always open to reccs. i like bread, llamas, and

playing sports.

Harper Oreck

I'm a second-semester sophomore in Eliot concentrating in Social Studies and English! Outside TDS, I can be found playing throwback LA punk songs on RH air, writing about TV for The Crimson, or complaining about east coast humidity in the eliot dhall.

Herkus Gudavičius

eastern european born and raised. blood type techno.

Howard Timlin

music liker

Ilona Demler

Ivan Jara-Marquez

Hi, my real name is ijmFM, fake name Ivan Jara-Marquez. I was born and raised in beautiful Palm Springs, California. I enjoy listening to music (duh), watching films, and taking long scenic walks. My favorite genre of music is Hip-Hop and my favorite artists include Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, JPEGMAFIA, and The Strokes.

Jack Goodwin

Hello all, I am 2batt! I am a TDS DJ and Engineering student at Harvard. My supreme purpose is to spread the vibes with primarily hip hop, chillhop, and chillstep. My repertoire is rounded off with French beats from across the Atlantic.

Jaya Samuel

I'm the beauty and the beat that Justin Bieber sang about.

Kellie Liu

My name's Kellie Liu, and I am currently a sophomore concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Mind Brain Behavior. Things that I enjoy doing including talking, playing sports that aren't really considered sports, and skimming through Netflix shows. My interest in music ranges anywhere from Blackpink to Eminem to the Band Camino.

Kristian Hardy

A few of my favorite things: musicals, scifi, mozzarella sticks and lip gloss

Kristina Wolinski

TDS is the perfect department for me because of our 4am air and the fact that I cannot sleep. Please, if you know anyone who can help me sleep, let me know. This is a cry for help.

Marc Courtemanche

I am a sophomore from Lexington, MA who plays the bass and is excited to be on campus this year!

Marleigh Belsley

Marleigh is a sophomore in Winthrop house from Chicago. She is studying music at Harvard and music production at Berklee College of Music. Aside from music Marleigh enjoys photography and sailing.

Maya Wilson

Hi my name is Maya Wilson and all you need to know about me is that my motto is yesterday was the best day ever, today is the best day ever and tomorrow will be the best day ever.

Mika Simoncelli

Nicole Bellingham

Howdy! I'm a sophomore in Currier (GO TREES) studying Environmental Science and Public Policy. I love music that has a little bit (or a lot a bit) of funk. I also love trees, skis, and bees.

Olivia Carter

junior in mather switching majors for the second time ~ ouch

can't parallel park ~ embarassing

cancer sun, aries moon, pisces rising ~ funky fresh

Rivers Sheehan

Rivers is a lover of all kinds of music, who most enjoys those songs that remind her of old memories and people she heard playing them. She likes to photograph concerts and is not ashamed to Shazam a song floating from an open window. She has spent time in North Carolina and Central California.

Sarah Lynch

playing music for my mom and friend to listen to in az

Sarida Morejon

i'm a cuban-american from austin, tx obsessed with dancing and music across all genres, but especially hip hop, r&b, reguetón, and salsa! looking forward to putting together shows with diverse playlists and having a ton of fun on air :)

Sonya Ganeshram

hi, i’m fake name sonya, real name ytclw (white claw). i’m a perpetually confused academic here at harvard. you’ll usually find me out on walks with my dog or in the lowell dining hall eating all of the soft serve available. feel free to come talk to me whenever! i love to make new friends and meet new ppl!!

Trevor Bishai

house, d&b, ambient, hip-hop beats

Valeria Vela

Hi! I'm Valeria, a junior in Kirkland, originally from Miami. I've been part of TDS for two years now, and I'm excited to return to in-person DJing! I enjoy reading, biking, and long walks on the beach.